So, let's get you prepped!

I'm so glad you're here! I've made this little prep guide to walk you through what you need to do before and the day of your boudoir session to make sure everything goes as smooth as possible. Don't worry, I'm here to not make it awkward! It's going to be so much fun and you are going to feel so beautiful!


Before your session:

-My studio is located on the second floor, you do have to go up several stairs, if this is an issue for you or a family member please let me know ahead of time so I can accommodate for you!

-Also keep in mind, It is an old building! (Stairs may creek!)

-Remaining balance MUST be paid before day of session!

-Your contract MUST be signed before session starts, as well as a valid ID.

-Please do not bring anyone else with you! (I don't mean this mean, and extra set of hands is great! BUT I want you to feel comfortable! And when it's just you, you tend to not be as nervous! Also there may be another client behind the curtain getting her hair and makeup done! I want everyone comfortable!)

Business & Contact Hours:

STUDIO- Open by appointment only!

CONTACT HOURS- Monday-Friday 8am-5pm. (Please feel free to message me anytime via Facebook messenger from my business page! Just please keep in mind if it's after these hours and days it may be a little before I can respond!)

PHONE- (256) 476-3561 Monday-Friday 8am-5pm. (Please do not call outside of these hours unless there is an emergency! If I do not answer, please leave a voicemail or send me a text!)

EMAIL- Anytime!

Studio Address-

201 Main Street W Hartselle, AL. (It's right above Marmac on the corner! The black building!)

-You may parallel park in the front, or you can park in the back, behind the building (This way is easier since you will come through the back door!)

Please walk to the back if you didn't park there and message me once you arrive and I will come downstairs and unlock the door for you!


If you are sick, please DO NOT come into the studio. If you must be present for the photos, please reschedule your session for a later date when you are well. Since I work closely with newborn babies, children and pregnant mamas, it is very important that I stay healthy for these precious little ones, as well as keeping germs out of the studio. I sanitize and disinfect my studio top to bottom before each session. (Including all door handles and switches!) I do all I can keep myself healthy! If you or a family member is ill (and has not been symptom or fever free for at least 24 hours) PLEASE call to change your session date. If a person arrives and is obviously sick, I may ask that client to leave and reschedule. (And that is super awkward!) I greatly appreciate your efforts in helping me keep myself and my clients healthy!


If you haven't already, please make sure you fill out the Boudoir Questionnaire that I have emailed to you! This helps me get a better idea on what you would like! Failure to do so can result in not having the props or colors you'd like for your Boudoir session!


  1. Start shopping! (I do not supply the outfits) Feel free to ask where to buy from! A few of my favorites are Shein, Adore Me and Amazon!
  2. Book your hair, waxing & nail appointments (natural nails are totally fine too, just make sure they're clean and free of old polish). If you typically wax, please book that around a week before your shoot, we don't want any red or irritated areas. If you're a shaver, please remember to freshly shave anything that will show in photos (the day before is best so skin isn't cranky). Please don't stress if you forgot to shave or wax! I understand life happens and I can do my best to edit out!
  3. Feel free to send me all of your ideas. Please make sure you have filled out the Boudoir Questionnaire I have emailed out! This is really important! It will help me get a feel for what you like.
  4. We can't do your session without the legal paperwork (sorry, I hate doing that stuff too). Please make sure you get your questionnaire and contract out as soon as you receive them via email. This will all be sent to you within a day of your inquiry.


  1. If you plan on freshening up your style, this is a good time to get your hair, nails and any waxing done. Handle all of the things so you're looking and feeling your best come session day.
  2. Plan your outfits. Make sure they're all clean, ironed or steamed and ready to go. MAKE SURE all tags are removed. Any heels must have clean bottoms and stickers removed.
  3. HYDRATE. Really. Hydrated skin is happy skin. Dry skin does not take makeup well OR photograph well. Drink half your body weight in water (or non caffeinated tea works too) daily.
  4. Stretch your body. It will help, I promise! These poses aren't something most of us do on a daily so stretch itttt out
  5. Eat healthy, happy foods. Please stay away from super salty or fried foods. They make ya bloat and can make your skin upset. Not fun.
  6. Tanning... the best shade is your natural skin. Trust me. But if you must, this is the ideal time to spray tan. Keep in mind, lines/orange feet can not be edited.


Are you ready?! I'm sure you're feeling nervous and excited. Please don't worry about wearing limited clothing in front of me. I am silly and if you're feeling uncomfortable I will gladly do the session in a sports bra to make you laugh. Please know that we make every effort to have this experience go as easy and as comfortably as possible. I promise you'll feel a whole lot better once you get to the studio.

  1. Stretch , drink plenty of water, eat healthy!
  2. Hydrate your skin.
  3. Pack your bag. Get everything prepared so you're ready for tomorrow!
  4. Wash your hair if it's hair washing day and please dry! Please DO NOT ARRIVE WITH WET HAIR.


I can't wait <3

  1. Please be here on time. Please refer to your email for your arrival time. The address of the studio is 201 Main Street W Hartselle, AL. The studio is right on top of Marmac, the black building on the corner! See up top for directions on parking! Pleeeease come right on time, not early and definitely not late. If you're late, it cuts into your shooting time and I want you to have all of your allotted time! Also, you may not be my only client of the day so please be kind and courteous.
  2. Eat! Please eat something healthy and nourishing today. It's important. Protein, veggies and fresh fruit or some oatmeal are awesome choices!
  3. BREATHE. So, getting naked in front of someone else can be pretty uncomfortable. Being nervous is totally normal and to be expected. I promise we will work through it together. Honestly, most ladies settle a lot during hair and makeup or as soon as I show them the back of the camera because you're all GORGEOUS.
  4. Arrive in loose fitting, comfy clothing.


  1. Need an excuse for your significant other? If your shoot is a surprise for someone, tell them you're going to a makeup party.

I also really encourage you to get in touch with me if you're feeling super nervous, want outfit advice, etc... reach out! I promise, you won't be bothering me. Any form of communication works!

I am so honored you have chosen me to be your Boudoir photographer! I am just as excited as you are! I can't wait to see you!!

-Savanah Hogan