Newborn Portfolio

Newborns are typically done 7-14 days after baby is born. It is preferred to book your session at least a month before baby's due date to insure there's enough time to plan for your session.

Newborn- What to Expect

I provide newborn photography services to the Hartselle, Alabama area. The length of the Newborn session depends on the package you purchase. Sometimes I finish earlier and sometimes we go over. It all depends on how your baby is feeling that day! I recommend not scheduling any other appointments immediately after your session in case we run over.

After the birth of your baby, message or email me so we can schedule your session right away! I will always have an ideal date, but this will ensure we get you secured date for your session. Please make sure you bring their pacifier, even if they do not take one. Unless you do not want baby taking one, I always respect parents wishes! Although it may help me sometimes to get baby to soothe and not be so drawn out! I will always take the pacifier out right before taking the images.

When you arrive at your session, I will have the studio set up to start with family. It's VERY important to read the prep guide (I will email this to you) before you come, taking the proper steps before arriving at the studio can help insure a smooth session. We will do all of the family shots first, then move onto posed. I like to start with family so as the session goes on and sometimes it's pretty warm in there, you won't feel like you're sweating in your pictures! This also allows a family member to take the sibling back home, out to lunch or to the park. (Theres one walking distance from the studio!) I will go over more of the in the email I will send out to you!

Most newborns are done in that birthday suit, a swaddle, or a diaper cover. Clothes can be bulky and may cover up that newness. But a naked baby is also a cold baby. Before shooting newborn photos, I use a small space heater to warm the area up. The baby is less likely to fuss if the temperature is comfortable. Of course, that means you'll probably be uncomfortable, so wear layers you can remove as the room heats up.

Lastly, I have everything needed for your newborn session - hats, bonnets, outfits, fancy wraps, and props. If there is a sentimental item you would like included, please let me know ahead of time so that I can plan a setup around the item.