Cake Smash Session Guide

Thank you for the privilege of photographing your sweet child! Below you will find lots of information to make your session a success. I have put together these tips after working with hundreds of children! I want to create the most beautiful photos possible for your family. By carefully reading the following information and preparing for your session, you will be helping me do that for you. Thank you for your time and for helping me be able to to be my best for you!


Before your session:

-My studio is located on the second floor, you do have to go up several stairs, if this is an issue for you or a family member please let me know ahead of time so I can accommodate for you!

-Also keep in mind, It is an old building! (Stairs may creek!)

-Remaining balance MUST be paid before day of session!

Business & Contact Hours:

STUDIO- Open by appointment only!

CONTACT HOURS- Monday-Friday 8am-5pm. (Please feel free to message me anytime via Facebook messenger from my business page! Just please keep in mind if it's after these hours and days it may be a little before I can respond!)

PHONE- (256) 476-3561 Monday-Friday 8am-5pm. (Please do not call outside of these hours unless there is an emergency! If I do not answer, please leave a voicemail or send me a text!)

EMAIL- Anytime!

Studio Address-

201 Main Street W Hartselle, AL. (It's right above Marmac on the corner! The black building!)

-You may parallel park in the front, or you can park in the back, behind the building (This way is easier since you will come through the back door!)

Please walk to the back if you didn't park there and message me once you arrive and I will come downstairs and unlock the door for you!

Please read the following prep guide thoroughly for a successful session.  

One of the most important things to remember at the session is to go with the flow. Your child will be in charge at the session, and I will only do what makes your child comfortable and happy. Please keep in mind most children cry and are extremely shy at first! This is totally okay and normal (After all, they're in a new place with a stranger they don't know!) I promise it's totally okay! Most shots I take a very quick smiles and laughs! Most of the time they warm up and it's so much fun! Other times they do not, and hey! That's still totally okay! I will do my very best! I have done several of these and had amazing results each time even with upset children! It is super important you fill out the questionnaire that I have sent to you via email! This helps me prepare in every way for your child! I typically do these Tuesdays or Thursday mornings and sometimes the weekends if that's the only time mom or dad is off! We start the session at 9 am, as I feel this is the best time and normally each child is in a good mood! Try to prepare your child for the session, sometimes asking if they're ready to go eat cake and smile for the camera are good ones to use! I want this to be very enjoyable for you and stress free! (You already have a birthday party to plan, leave this one to me!) I will supply the backdrop, from the theme of your choice, cake made by my baker. It is always a white butter cream naked cake! If child has any allergies please let me know asap so I can let my baker know! I will also supply any props to go with the theme! And we also love to do a bubble bath in a wash tub a the end! This is not mandatory, but it also does not change the price of the package! My goal, is for you to be able to come in and relax, sit back and enjoy watching your precious baby, and I will take care of the rest! I absolutely love what I do, and your baby will always be treated with the utmost respect and care.


If a family member is sick, please DO NOT bring them into the studio. If the ill family member must be present for the photos, please reschedule your session for a later date when they are well. Since I work closely with newborn babies, children and pregnant mamas, it is very important that I stay healthy for these precious little ones, as well as keeping germs out of the studio. I sanitize and disinfect my studio top to bottom before each session. (Including all door handles and switches!) I do all I can keep myself healthy! If you or a family member is ill (and has not been symptom or fever free for at least 24 hours) PLEASE call to change your session date. If a person arrives and is obviously sick, I may ask that client to leave and reschedule. (And that is super awkward!) I greatly appreciate your efforts in helping me keep myself and my clients healthy!


If you haven't already, please make sure you fill out the Cake Smash Questionnaire that I have emailed to you! This helps me get a better idea on what you would like! Failure to do so can result in not having the props or colors you'd like for your child's session!

What to expect, day of.

These are things I have found that work the best! All of these are just suggestions, you know your child best!

I would not recommend giving your child a full meal at least an hour before session! When the child is full sometimes that causes them not to want to touch the cake! (This does not mean let him/her be hungry! Just sometimes eating a big meal before can cause not a lot of pictures to be taken with the cake!) Snacks/drinks are totally fine! Try to positively encourage your child the morning of the session! This may help it not be such a shock to them! I want this to be a fun experience for them! Please do not bring extra siblings (I will go over this again below!) Please have childcare lined up for other children as this can cause major distraction! Also please limit extra family members! (Again, I will go over this below!) Please only have ONE extra person if you're going to bring one! Please don’t stress if you can not do everything perfectly! Sometimes things don’t go as planned, and I totally understand this is a crazy time for your family! However, the session tends to go a lot smoother when these steps are taken!

When you arrive:

Once were in the studio I will already have everything ready to go! I know children do not like to sit in one place too long! I will start with sitting poses of a prop/chair of just your child on the backdrop! After, I move onto the cake! (This is the fun part!) After they're done if wanted, I will fill the wash tub up and we will do the bubble bath!

After your session:

The photos from your session will be presented to you in a private online proofing gallery. I will email you the link to access this gallery within a couple of weeks after your session. The wonderful thing about the online gallery is you can view them from the comfort of your home. I will have a sneak peak sent within two days after session!

From your gallery you will be able to download your high resolution files and print them with a print release at your convenience. Your photos are presented in a special online gallery where you can download them instantly with one click. No more waiting for your images to be mailed to you! Clients love the simplicity of being able to download them easily from their gallery! I do not give Jump Drives or CDs since they are downloadable!


My goal is to focus on the safety and comfort of your child, and make sure I can give you the best images possible while being in a soothing, calm environment. Although I understand this is such an exciting time, And several family members may want to tag along. But please limit extra guests at the session if possible. Please only allow ONE extra person. One extra guest is perfectly fine to help! Extra guests can prohibit me from being able to move around during the session, and can cause distractions. Session fees are for the child only. If you would like to include other people to be photographed, there is a $50 charge per person.

A few additional thoughts!

Food: You are always welcome to bring a snack! I do have some snacks and water as well as a coffee bar you're more than welcome to help yourself to! There are a few restaurants around the studio that are close by/walking distance! (Moe's BBQ, Pizza Ed's, Freight House, Eatin' in the attic)

Snacks, coffee, hot tea, and hot chocolate are available as well! A private restroom is also available downstairs for you to use.

Pets: I am a total pet lover. (I have 2 fur babies of my own I adore!) However, pets are not allowed in the studio out of respect for allergy issues other clients may have. But I would love to have them join us at a future outdoor session!

Props: I have just about everything you will need for the session. I have tons of baskets, blankets, wraps, hair accessories, and other simple props such as pants and bonnets for your child’s session. I believe in creating beautiful timeless images of your child!

What to bring: My goal is for you to only have to bring your child! Along with anything the child might need, diapers, wipes.. etc! I have everything to style your session at my studio. However, if you have some props / items that you would like to incorporate into your photos, you are welcome to bring them. I ask that you keep props to a minimum, or just bring items that are of sentimental value.

Poses: Some parents ask if they can request certain poses or shots they have seen on other photography sites or pinterest. Yes, you can request them, and I will make every attempt to get you what you want in terms of poses; however, there is no guarantee! But I will always try my best!

My goal is to photograph your beautiful baby and family the way YOU want it! I want you to love these years and years from now!


For Child:  Please don’t stress if your child comes with scratches, marks, bruises.. They're little (And hey, IT HAPPENS!) . I retouch child from head to toe!

Thank you again for choosing me to photograph this special time!

It is my hope that you come to my studio feeling comfortable and at home. I am truly honored to be able to document this incredible time in your lives, and look forward to getting to know you and your sweet baby!

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to email me at anytime, or call/text me at 256-476-3561 (Monday – Thursday 8am-5pm only please).(However if there is an emergency, please feel free to contact me outside of business hours.)

-Savanah Hogan